Colorado Agritourism Association

    “Connecting Colorado’s Ag Experiences”

    Welcome to the Colorado Agritourism Association! Agritourism in Colorado offers an array of activities and experiences in rural parts of the state that serve to connect people to the land, the animals and the food produced here.

    Our site is designed to:

    1. help visitors navigate the rich options available to you throughout Colorado and
    2. connect the industry with visitors and one another.

    Visitors and Industry partners alike can benefit by searching or aligning with the visitor regions as developed by the Colorado Tourism Office and displayed below.

    Discover 8 Regions
    of Colorado

    These 8 regions of Colorado offer unique traits and discoveries. If you know the area you plan to visit, you can explore what that area has to offer. You can click on the map to find agritourism partners in the region, or you can click here to explore the area more broadly through the Colorado Tourism Office.