24485 County Road 5, Elbert, CO 80106, USA

What Is The Buffalo Adventure?

It’s like Dinner Theater met the Old West and Buffalo Dinner Theater was born!

We’re proud to say there’s nothing like our Buffalo Adventure in the entire country!

Each Adventure lasts about 3 hours. Here’s the gist of what you’ll experience:

A thrilling up-close interaction with our buffalo herd after a brief opening ceremony by an Apache buffalo medicine man in traditional dress

A sit-down barbecue meal in our Something Blue barn. You can’t beat the setting with its upscale rustic decor that includes an 1800s saloon-style floor, lights crafted from old farm implement wheels and many other repurposed vintage and antique materials.

VIP ticket holders get to dine with our performers

After your meal, you’ll make your way outside where you’ll be able to participate in as many or few of the following activities as you wish…

Clamber aboard our hay wagon for a tour among the buffalo out in the pasture. There’s nothing like being surrounded by bison as they compete for treats! It’s the perfect opportunity to capture photos and video without worrying about catching a horn or being tossed about.

Relax and enjoy music playing in the barn

Meander onto our covered patio and take in expansive views of the Rocky Mountains

Kick up your boots playing lawn games in our grassy entertainment area

You won’t want to miss the living history performances by talented actors and Native Americans who offer engaging insights into the confluence of events that led 50 million mammals to the brink of extinction and back again.

It’s the theater aspect that gives each event its own twist. We bring in various period actors and Native Americans who offer unique perspectives on the compelling narrative of North America’s largest mammal.

And finally, join with us in a closing toast, giving thanks for America’s first conservationists who stepped up to save the icon of the American plains – the majestic buffalo. The toast is non-alcoholic so people of all ages can participate.

We’re not open to the public. You can buy tickets to our private events through our website. If you’re interested in hosting your own wedding or other event, please call or reach out through our website.

We’re about 20 minutes from Colorado Springs and Castle Rock and about 40 minutes from DTC.