100 Civic Center Drive, Limon, CO 80828, USA

All paths cross in Limon, Colorado! Limon, known as the “Hub City” of Eastern Colorado, Limon is a unique rural community with several state highways and Interstate 70 intersecting bringing travelers and commerce from all over the country. But the Town of Limon is much more than the roads leading to it. The people of Limon work to make sure it is a special place to live and raise your family or business. The close-knit community provides educational and cultural opportunities, strong healthcare options and low housing costs. The agricultural industry has been a strong legacy for the farming and ranching community, while also looking to the future with wind energy sectors that have helped boost the local and state economy.

As a welcoming community, we invite you to make Limon and the Eastern Plains your destination to enjoy the local food, culture and community that we are proud to provide.